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Agoutis are native to southern Mexico, the West Indies, and parts of Central and South America. They are found in a wide range of habitats, including forests, open savannas, and agricultural fields. Closely related to guinea pigs, agoutis are primarily herbivorous but are known to eat meat when food… Learn More


Does the harvest for wildlife trade or captive breeding of this species harm wild populations?

Significant Cause for Concern

  • Harvested for meat and skins throughout native range
  • Some wild populations at risk of extinction
  • Anecdotal evidence that wild-caught individuals are bought and sold illegally

Invasive Threat

Does the release or escape of this species into the wild harm the environment and/or economy?

Some Cause for Concern

  • Little information on likelihood of invasion in U.S.

Ease of Care

Does harvest, captive breeding, transport, or being kept as a pet harm individual animals?

Some Cause for Concern

  • Can live up to 17 years
  • Require specialized care
  • Are large (up to 2 feet tall, weigh 9 pounds) and need large enclosure

Health Risks

Does this animal pose a health risk to native wildlife, humans, livestock and agriculture?

Some Cause for Concern

  • Have extremely sharp teeth and can cause severe injury
  • Known to harbor pathogenic bacteria and parasites

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