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Bushbabies, also known as galagos, comprise several different species of nocturnal, tree-dwelling primates native to Africa. These squirrel-sized mammals are very agile, able to leap incredible distances and move swiftly through the tree tops. They are omnivorous and the mixed diet includes insects,… Learn More


Does the harvest for wildlife trade or captive breeding of this species harm wild populations?

Unable to Rank

  • Some populations declining, one listed as critically endangered
  • Harvested from the wild

Invasive Threat

Does the release or escape of this species into the wild harm the environment and/or economy?

Significant Cause for Concern

  • Insufficient Information

Ease of Care

Does harvest, captive breeding, transport, or being kept as a pet harm individual animals?

Significant Cause for Concern

  • Should not be kept as a solitary pet; prefer to be part of a family group
  • Need special environmental conditions and diet; experts agree nonhuman primates cannot be kept as pets humanely

Health Risks

Does this animal pose a health risk to native wildlife, humans, livestock and agriculture?

Significant Cause for Concern

  • Known carriers of serious diseases that infect humans and native/domesticated species

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