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The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognizes 48 rabbit breeds, ranging from the two pound Netherland Dwarf, to the 12 pound Flemish Giant. Since there is such a variety of breeds there is one that will suit most families needs. Rabbits are intelligent animals that can be trained to use a… Learn More


Does the harvest for wildlife trade or captive breeding of this species harm wild populations?

Little Cause for Concern

  • Domestic rabbits are not sourced from the wild
  • Bred in captivity since the 1900s

Invasive Threat

Does the release or escape of this species into the wild harm the environment and/or economy?

Some Cause for Concern

  • Have historically been an invasive species abroad

Ease of Care

Does harvest, captive breeding, transport, or being kept as a pet harm individual animals?

Some Cause for Concern

  • Need space to exercise
  • Can be destructive without proper enrichment
  • Startle easily and can bite

Health Risks

Does this animal pose a health risk to native wildlife, humans, livestock and agriculture?

Little Cause for Concern

  • Can cause allergies
  • Very rarely carry fur mites or ringworm
  • Pasturella multocida and Encephalitozoan cuniculi potentially transmissible to the immunocompromised or children

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