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Dwarf African Clawed Frog

Dwarf African Clawed Frogs are native to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The species' natural habitats include subtropical and tropical moist lowland forests, rivers, freshwater lakes, and marshes. Dwarf African Clawed Frogs are small, have short claws on their hind feet, and can change… Learn More


Does the harvest for wildlife trade or captive breeding of this species harm wild populations?

Little Cause for Concern

Wild populations appear to be thriving.

Invasive Threat

Does the release or escape of this species into the wild harm the environment and/or economy?

Some Cause for Concern

Can live in garden ponds, but no wild populations established.

Ease of Care

Does harvest, captive breeding, transport, or being kept as a pet harm individual animals?

Little Cause for Concern

Relatively easy to care for with understanding of required husbandry.

Health Risks

Does this animal pose a health risk to native wildlife, humans, livestock and agriculture?

Significant Cause for Concern

  • Known to carry the harmful infectious fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) that causes chytridiomycosis, a disease linked to native frog die offs
  • May carry and transmit Salmonella

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